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About Us
BIOZEAL is an Innovative, Dynamic, and Caring Organisation. We Strive to Provide the best that Modern Medicine has to Offer.

Innovative Attitude to Life Drives us to Always Look for a Better and New Effective Cure. Our Dynamism Allows us to Cross Our Nations Boundaries and Enter Into the Global Market. To find these Cures Our Company Outlook Makes us Ensure that these Cures are available to the People of India through an Effective and Extensive Distribution Network and Careful Pricing.

Being a well Established Company we have Our feet Firmly Planted on the Ground, we know the Importance of Quality. Purity and Effectiveness of Medicines therefore all Our Products Are Manufactured at Akums Drugs and Pharma Ltd. A Well Reputed Who GMP Standard Manufacturing Unit in India. All Our Products Surpasses Stringent Quality Control tests as Specified by Drug Controller of India.
BIOZEAL Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.  :  Our Focus – Enriching Lives.
BIOZEAL Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., embodies a very human spirit by always remaining at the forefront to introduce lifesaving drugs in India at affordable prices.

Our strong Belief & Vision of enriching lives has been put into action by continually striving to find new ways of doing all the things we do. New ways that echo the needs & aspirations of a new progressive World. A World where people think out of the box about life & work about problems & solutions. A world where people want to be the Best that they can be , despite all odds. BIOZEAL has taken birth in 2009, spearheading its foray into manufacturing & marketing of a wide range therapeutic formulations year after year. BIOZEAL has emerged as one of the Country’s fastest growing and most reputed Pharmaceutical Company.

BIOZEAL Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. Has emphatically made its presence felt in the State of Rajasthan and other States in Northern India. The success story has gradually spread its wings in other parts of the Country, where the Company has opened its accounts. BIOZEAL is considered as one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Company with its Corporate Office located at Goregaon, Mumbai.

Further, BIOZEAL Lifesciences Pvt Ltd has been instrumental in introducing many breakthrough products utilized in lifesaving conditions. Considering the economic conditions and high costs of speciality healthcare in our country, the mission of Biozeal is of providing world class speciality healthcare at affordable costs.

The Innovativeness, Competitiveness and a Zeal to succeed against all odds are the qualities that are at the heart of BIOZEAL culture. All these synergise the dream of Shri Mehboob Tak, Director, BIOZEAL Pharmaceuticals & Group of Companies who has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of his mission.
BIOZEAL  VISION  -  Enriching Lives through Quality Medication.
BIOZEAL  PHILOSOPHY -  A New way for a New World.
Business Ethics
We believe "Doing Business Ethically Makes For Better Business". There is strict adherence to Pharmaco-ethics governing the product development, promotion, sales, prescription generation, and usage of our pharmaceutical products.

In addition, professional ethics govern policies regarding Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Production, Intellectual Property, Knowledge and Skills and also International Business. Continuous endeavors are made to reinforce flawless adherence to these ethical standards among all stakeholders.

All these measures show that there is total compliance to the MBE system (Management of Business Ethics) in the Organization.
Core Values
Integrity : Our conduct of business exhibits fairness, honesty, transparency and purposefulness. We are fierce, but fair competitors. Excellence: We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in all our day-to-day work and in the quality of the products and services we provide worldwide.

Commitment : We are committed to continuously challenge and develop viable alternative solutions towards betterment and well-ness of mankind in every possible way.

Understanding :
We show respect, compassion and humanity for all our colleagues and customers Nation wide, and extend full support to bring out the best from all our associations.

Unity :
We work cohesively as a family with our colleagues across the Group and also with our customers and partners all across, thereby building strong relationships. The aim is to achieve a WIN-WIN relationship.

Responsibility :
We are responsible Corporate Citizens and sensitive to the communities and environments in which we operate.

Trust and Appreciation :
We trust our people and stand by them in every way.
Stringent Process Norms
BIOZEAL Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. believes in the philosophy of Brand Building and this belief results in its deep commitment to product quality. At BIOZEAL , quality is not by mere chance, but is the result of systematic and intelligent work.

The pedestal on which product quality at BIOZEAL benchmarks itself, is stringent adherence & follow up of standard protocol involving approved procedures, production planning and control process with complete documentation.

All procedures of Quality Control follow stringent in-process checks at every stage leaving nothing to chance. Documentation is carried out for every process resulting in more than adequate record of each and every data generated.

In compliance with cGMP norms, the entire manufacturing is spearheaded keeping close eye on national & international regulatory norms and more importantly our client's customary requirements.
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